The Replica Watches Harry Winston Opus XIII

In the thirteenth year the Opus Series, Replica Harry Winston’s Opus design team collaborated with independent watchmaker Ludovic Ballouard to create a complicated timepiece, like nothing you’ve ever seen. Opus XIII is one of the more wearable of the Opus Series timepieces, and its jewel-like dial is perfectly fitting for Replica Watches Harry Winston, who is known more for their jewelry than their watches.


The Opus XIII is presented inside a 44.25 mm in diameter by 13.6 mm white gold case, and powered by caliber HW4101. The manually wound movement has 364 components, 242 of which are jewels. The most functional jewels ever used in a watch. It features a 35-hour power reserve and is powered by 2 separate barrels which are armed by a rocking pinion. Winding the crown in one direction winds one of the barrels and winding it in the opposite directions winds the other. It has an annular balance wheel and a flat balance spring. The main plate and bridges have a circular grained finish.


Functions include an hour display via eleven, 180-degree rotating hands (one hand rotating each hour except at 12h/24h). The minutes display has fifty-nine, 40-degree rotating hands. The “HW” logo is revealed at the center of the dial at noon and midnight and is hidden the rest of the time.

The 18K white gold case has a polished bezel and lugs, with a satin-brushed case band. “Harry Winston” is engraved on the bezel at 12 o’clock, with “Opus XIII” engraved on the bezel at 6 o’clock. The signature Cheap Fake Watches Harry Winston UK triple arches are at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock. A sapphire crystal protects the dial, with another protecting the case back. The 18K polished white gold crown is embossed with the “HW” logo. Water-resistance is 30 meters.

Harry Winston Opus

The display of hours and minutes is instantaneous, with the cumulative display of minutes via a peripheral, jumping retrograde system with fifty-nine hands. The successive display of hours via a peripheral, and a jumping system with eleven hands. A sliding shutter reveals the “HW” logo every twelve hours.

The dial features a sapphire crystal dome. Minute and five-minute hands are rhodium plated and polished. Minute hands have a black and white transfer. Five-minute hands have a black and red transfer. The hour hands are triangular shaped and are rhodium plated and polished. A faceted smoke sapphire crystal sits over the minute hands.


Replica Watches Harry Winston Hand-Sewn In Black Alligator Leather

The strap is hand-sewn in black alligator leather with an Fake Harry Wisoton 18K White Gold Folding Buckle. Limited edition of 130 pieces. Overall, this is one of the more elegant Opus watches I’ve seen, although with that said, it is also one of the hardest to read the time on.

UK Replica Watches Harry Winston Project Z9, A Flyback Self-Winding Chronograph Cased In Proprietary Zalium Alloy

Harry Winston’s Project Z timepieces have been part of the company’s watch offerings since 2004. At that time, Ron Winston was still very much a part of the company, and the first Project Z watch reflected his interest in the aerospace industry, and metallurgy. Zalium, a zirconium-aluminum alloy, is very hard, strong, and highly resistant to corrosion, although it’s difficult to machine, and in general, UK Replica Watches Harry Winston has held it in reserve over the last 15 years for special projects. Since 2004, there have been nine Project Z timepieces – limited series, with complications – with the last, Project Z8, in 2014. That was a self-winding, dual-time wristwatch with a retrograde second time-zone hand. The newest, Z9, has just been announced, and combines a Zalium alloy case with a self-winding chronograph movement, as well as the sculptural architecture characteristic of the Project Z series as a whole.


The 44.2 mm case has a combination of shot-blasted and satin-finished surfaces (typical of the Project Z series) and has a high frequency movement, beating at 36,000 vph (the same as the Zenith El Primero). Movement dimensions are 31.8 mm x 6.95 mm, and the balance spring is silicon. The dial-side architecture consists of two upper bridges that support the chronograph minute and hour registers; these are in the form of two trapezoids with an inner track and outer track, combined with double-headed hands (so, for instance, in the minutes register 0-15 minutes are shown on the outer track, and 15-30 on the inner).Fake Watches Harry Winston .

Below, a second grid frames the date window, as well as the “shuriken” style rotating function indicator (another regular feature of Project Z watches). This new addition to the Project Z family, and to the Ocean Collection (the case has a water resistance rating of 100 meters) will be a limited edition of 100 pieces, priced at $23,000. Check it out at Cheap Fake Harry Winston For Sale online UK.


Project Z9 by Fake Watches Harry Winston: Zalium-alloy cased, 44.2 mm x 13.2 mm, 100 m water resistant with sapphire crystals front and back. Movement, caliber HW33034, 36,000 vph flyback chronograph with 30 minute and 12 hour registers, with date. Openworked dial; black rubber hobnail pattern strap with Zalium buckle.

Replica Watches Harry Winston’s rock’n’roll Opus 14 – see it first at SalonQP

To say there was a sense of anticipation around the unveiling of Opus 14, the latest in a line of horological marvels from Harry Winston, is to rather underplay matters. Luckily, those unable to be at its launch this week in Baden Baden (still not quite sure why it was there) will have the opportunity to see it at SalonQP in a fortnight’s time – this will be its first public outing.
You’ll certainly be familiar with the Opus phenomenon, so the question was, would the first Opus since Replica Watches Harry Winston For Sale UK was acquired by the Swatch Group be up to muster, or would the project shrivel in corporate air? It’s fair to say Opus 14 makes that question almost embarrassingly irrelevant.


What we have here is the most anarchic, playful and thematically extravagant entry in the roll-call yet. No less extravagant is the price: £327,800 for one of 50 models being produced. Like many of its predecessors, it uses dazzling mechanical invention to give us a new way of displaying time. Unlike them, it brings the spirit of rock-n-roll – and specifically, a mechanism whimsically aping a jukebox – to the wrist. Didn’t see that one coming.

So what does it do? In simple turns, it offers you the chance of flicking between different displays (home-time, GMT, date) as though selecting records on an old jukebox. And it does so in a design that screams with kitsch, star-spangled motifs from the age of rock’n’roll.


As an Opus should be, the watch is technically adventurous and a showcase for independent talent – in this case Franck Orny and Johnny Girardin, of Montblanc Metamorphosis fame. But Opus has never previously reflected where Cheap Fake Watches Harry Winston For Sale Online hails from – it is, after all, the quintessential New York luxury brand – let alone attracted words like cute and cool. Describing the watch a “jukebox automaton time zone” doesn’t do justice to the fun that watchmakers Orny and Girardin have injected into this. And whoever would have thought to find inspiration for a watch movement in the workings of a jukebox? There’s a nice irony here in that these machines were always considered as far, far beyond the pale by the sort of audiophiles most likely to love this watch.


Funny to think now that the first Opus watch – from a whippersnapper named FP Journe – was a mere 38mm in diameter. Cheap Fake Watches Harry Winston fourteenth descendent is a 54.7mm brute, its display sitting beneath a huge crystal with a circular extrusion.
That extrusion houses what one might call a stack of records: four disks resembling vinyl (right down to a grooved finish). Home-time remains on show at the top of the pile, with the hour highlighted at the top and the minutes indicated against a retrograde red scale. Disks for GMT, date and a Hollywood Walk of Fame-style star can be selected, whereupon a robotic arm appears to pick it up and move it to a platform, mimicking the motion of a jukebox selector, and the display spins up.

_harrywinston opus14


It’s gloriously daft, but naturally in a very clever way. As with Orny and Girardin’s Metamorphosis for Montblanc, the ingenuity here is not just the automaton complication itself, but the beautiful precision and smoothness with which the movement occurs. Replica Harry Winston Watches UK is sexy. Enabling it is a movement of no fewer than 1,066 component.
As with many complex watches these days, the Opus 14 uses two distinct power reserves. One provides 68 hours of normal timekeeping; the other guarantees up to five back-and-forth disk movements. These have a shared winding mechanism from the crown, while nifty pushers in the 12 o’clock lugs enable correction of the GMT and date.


Harry Winston might officially be a cog in the Swatch Group’s corporate gears, but it has also become a deeply personal project for Nayla and Marc Hayek – both present for the launch. They are clearly determined to go beyond, lifting Opus rather than merely continuing it. When Opus 15 appears, and what it will be, could be anyone’s guess. But one might hope that it will be at least as exuberant and nuanced as this.

UK Fake Watches Harry Winston unveils Avenue Dual Time

On the heels of Opus 14, Best Sale Replica Watches Harry Winston has just announced another off-center timepiece called the Avenue Dual Time. It features local time on the left, via a retrograde display – and home time on the right, via traditional hour and minute hands.


The local time display (left) has a angled red indicator hand that moves through the three vertical apertures, indicating the hour. According to UK Cheap Fake Watches Harry Winston For Sale, “The second timezone works in a different way. Pulling on the crown removes the red hand from sight. The time is set using a small disc located in the opening at the center of the dial. Pushing in the crown, the hand returns to its position. This sequence is essential to the proper functioning of the retrograde system that displays the local time. The hand moves gradually from 0 to 12 o’clock, before instantly returning to 0 to start over.”


On the (right) are hour and minute hands that represent the home time, along with a square date aperture at 6 o’clock, and a day-night indicator just under the dial.
The case has an entirely brushed finish, available in either Zalium, a lightweight, corrosion and scratch resistant alloy invented and patented by UK Replica Wacthes Harry Winston. Or for the first time at Harry Winston, Sedna gold, which is a patented non-fading rose gold alloy from Omega. This unique 18K gold alloy has a high proportion of palladium instead of the silver usual in rose gold alloys.

-Harry-WinstonCase dimensions are 53.8 mm x 35.8 mm x 10.7 mm. Curved caseback, sloped lugs, and crown set at an angle for a better fit. Sapphire crystals front and back. Water-resistance is 30 meters.
Running at 4Hz, automatic caliber HW3502 has 281 components, 32 jewels, and an 18K white gold rotor. The bridges are decorated with a Côtes de Genève finish, circular graining, and chamfered/polished edges. UK Fake Wacthes Harry Winston For Sale Online.
The Harry Winston Avenue Dual Time is paired with a matte black (or brown) alligator leather strap and Zalium (or Sedna gold buckle).

Exact Replica Watches Urwerk UR-105 “T-Rex” For Sale

Watch aficionados are used to seeing reptilian scaled patterns on leather straps, but the new UK Best Sale Replica Watches Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex — unveiled at SIHH 2016 in January and equipped with the iconoclastic brand’s unique satellite-hours timekeeping system — may be the first timepiece to bring such a motif to a watch case as well.


The UR-105 T-Rex derives its Jurassic-Park-evocative nickname from its pebble-shaped bronze case that is crisscrossed by a raised, concentrically ribbed pattern that resembles scaled reptilian skin and feels soft and tree-bark-like to the touch. As in the very few other watches with bronze cases — recent examples include Oris’s Carl Brashear Limited Edition and Panerai’s Luminor Submersible 1950 Bronzo — this one’s case will “age” noticeably with along with its owner, developing a one-of-a-kind patina. To achieve the dinosaur-skin look, each case is bead-blasted, micro-sandblasted, purified and oxidized with a brush.
The watch’s unconventional timekeeping system (a hallmark of the Cheap Fake Watches Urwerk For Sale UK brand) doesn’t reach quite as far back into prehistoric times for its inspiration as does its case, but it does pay tribute to a system developed in the second millennium B.C. by the ancient Sumerians, who told time by shadows cast by the sun as it played across giant monuments between rising and setting. Four satellites, each with three hour numerals, rotate on a hidden carousel and follow a “minute rail” along the bottom. Each hour numeral has a minute pointer that indicates the proper minute on the rail and travels, like the sun, in an east to west direction. When an hour concludes and another one begins, a new satellite with hour numeral emerges from concealment, beneath a cover made of a high-tech material called PEEK (polyetheretherketone) and begins a new journey across the minute rail.


The caseback of the UK Exact Replica Watches Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex is made of black PVD-coated titanium and features a sapphire caseback that shows off the in-house movement, Caliber 5.02 UR, and specifically the two miniature turbines that regulate the movement’s automatic winding. In the “FULL” position, the winding is optimized by the turbines, meaning even the slightest movements of the wrist will help tighten the mainspring. In “STOP” mode, automatic winding system is disabled and the watch can only be hand-wound via the crown. The third intermediate “RED” position (for “REDUCED”) moderates the winding to avoid excessive tension on the mainspring.


The movement’s carousel and triple mainplates are made of ARCAP; the hour satellites in beryllium bronze. It has a 48-hour power reserve and a 28,800-vph (4 Hz) frequency and boasts surface finishes that include circular graining, bead-blasting, satin finishing, and beveled screw heads. The case measures 39.5 by 53 mm in diameter and 16.8 thick and is water-resistant to 30 meters. The Cheap Fake Watches Urwerk UR-105 “T-Rex” UK is a limited edition of only 22 pieces, priced at $68,000.


Replica Watches Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta PAM526 For Sale UK

When watchmaker Officine Replica Watches Panerai For Sale UK showed the PAM530 prior to the SIHH 2013, we thought it might herald something important but little did we know that we would be looking at another yachting-themed chronograph. Panerai is of course a strong supporter of yachting, including events such as the Cheap Fake Watches Panerai Transat Classique 2012 UK regatta, so a watch like PAM526 (Luminor 1950 Regatta Chrono Flyback) is a perfect fit. This is Panerai’s first true in-house regatta countdown chronograph model, thus the significance. We like it so much it is one of our choices for significant watches from the SIHH 2013.

_Panerai Luminor 1950_
Basically, the regatta function here allows the central orange chronograph minute hand to be set back (effectively below zero, down to minus 15 as shown on the dial top) to the appropriate amount of time before the start of the regatta. This function is used to time the start of any given regatta properly because a precise start is vitally important. In Replica Watches Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta PAM526 For Sale UK, the orange pusher at 4 o’clock accomplishes this movement back in time, one push at a time. The automatic movement involved here is the new in-house calibre P.9100/R with vertically coupled column wheel chronograph mechanism. It has a power reserve of 3 days thanks to twin spring barrels.

Panerai Luminor 1950._

The flyback chronograph function in Cheap Fake Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta PAM526 For Sale UK works basically like this: before a regatta begins, the orange hand is set back as described above. Once the chronograph is activated (start/stop pusher at 10 o’clock), the watch starts tracking how many seconds and minutes remain till the start of the race. Once the race starts, the watch keeps track of how much time has passed since the start of the race.

Panerai Luminor 1950_._

This is just like any other chronograph of course except that one activates it before the start of the timing period and need not touch it again when the timing period actually begins. The pusher at 8 o’clock returns all hands to zero once the race is done. If activated while the chronograph is still in action, it returns the hands to zero without stopping anything, thus allowing a new time period to be tracked.
PAM526 is a bit of a monster on the wrist, measuring 47mm, but it is in titanium in this edition making it lightweight. It is water-resistant to 100 meters and has an exhibition caseback so one can admire the automatic calibre P.9100/R. Note that the watch is available without the regatta function (calibre P.9100) in steel (Best Sale Replica Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta PAM526 For Sale UK) and rose gold (PAM525).

-Panerai Luminor 1950

Replica Watches Panerai:Lo Scienziato – Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT Titanio

— This year, The Lo Scienziato collection dedicated by Replica Watches Panerai For Sale UK to the genius Galileo Galilei is enhanced by a new special edition limited to only 150 pieces.

The lightness of the new Lo Scienziato – Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT Titanio (PAM00578) is remarkable, particularly considering its size and its wealth of features: hours, minutes, small seconds, GMT with am/pm indication, a power reserve of six days with indication of the power remaining on the back, and a tourbillon escapement. The secret of its lightness lies in the work of minimalisation carried out by the Laboratorio di Idee of the Manufacture in Neuchâtel on the case and on the sophisticated P.2005/T movement, to design a watch with the typical Cheap Fake Watches Panerai UK characteristics but with a substantially lower weight.


The Luminor 1950 case of the new Special Edition has the classic diameter of 47 mm and it is made of titanium. To reduce the weight further, the case is made using an innovative technology which enables it to be hollowed out internally, forming an extremely complex geometrical cavity without in any way compromising its water-resistance, its solidity or its resistance to any tension or torsion to which the case may be subjected. The technology used is called Direct Metal Laser Sintering: this process builds up a 3D object layer by layer by means of a fibre optic laser using powdered titanium. The successive layers – each one only 0.02 mm thick – merge together and become completely solid.Replica Watches Panerai:Lo Scienziato – Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT Titanio UK.


All this fine work of skeletonising enables the fascinating details on both sides of the watch to be admired, such as the winding and unwinding of the spring inside each barrel, the intricate interconnection of the wheel work and in particular the rotation of the tourbillon cage, which, in the version patented by UK Best Sale Replica Watches Panerai, is fundamentally different from the normal arrangement. In order to compensate more precisely for the effects of gravity on the escapement, thus achieving more accurate operation, the tourbillon cage rotates on an axis which is perpendicular, not parallel, to that of the balance, and it makes a complete rotation every 30 seconds instead of once a minute.


UK Exact Replica Watches Panerai Mare Nostrum Titanio 52mm

— The chronograph made by Replica Watches Panerai  For Sale UK  in 1943 for the deck officers of the Royal Italian Navy is revived in a special edition of only 150 pieces.

Panerai Mare Nostrum


In 1943, the UK Exact Replica Watches Panerai family created the “Mare Nostrum” chronograph for the deck officers of the Royal Italian Navy “Mare Nostrum”. This name had already been used by Guido Panerai in 1924 for what was probably the first Cheap Fake Watches Panerai UK For Sale Online chronograph, but all traces of this first model have been lost. However a few prototypes of the 1943 chronograph still exist, and these have enabled the new watch to be reconstructed with great technical accuracy and similar aesthetic characteristics.

_Panerai Mare Nostrum

The new Mare Nostrum Titanio is a Special Edition of only 150 units. It faithfully reproduces the 1943 model, updating it to the highest standards of today’s high quality watchmaking but with some fundamental differences. The 52mm tonneau-shaped case of the new model is no longer made of steel but of brushed titanium. The wide flat bezel, the screw back and the winding crown engraved with the words UK Exact Replica Watches Panerai “Mare Nostrum” are also made of brushed titanium, as well as the two classic push buttons of the chronograph functions. The readings are indicated by the central seconds hand and by a subsidiary minutes counter dial at three o’clock. The continuous seconds hand rotates in a subsidiary dial at nine o’clock.

Panerai Mare Nostrum_

Mare Nostrum Titanio 52mm, réf.PAM00603. © Replica Panerai Watches UK

The timepiece houses a hand-wound manufacture movement, the OP XXV calibre – developed on a Minerva 13-22 base featuring a balance wheel making 18,000 vibrations per hour, like the Angelus movement of 1943. This hand-finished calibre has a column wheel and a swan neck regulator. The bridges are made of Maillechort, a nickel silver alloy that is particularly hard to work, bearing a Côtes de Genève finish.UK Exact Replica Watches Panerai Mare Nostrum Titanio 52mm For Sale Online.

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