Davidoff Baselworld 2014 Replica Watches UK: Aquatic elegance

— Davidoff has created a new collection for its contemporary, urban Velocity line: the Diver. This elegant, high-tech timepiece is the brand’s first diving Rolex Replica watches.

Davidoff Novelties

Davidoff may take everyone by surprise at Basel: the brand has put almost all its energy into a single collection, created from scratch, that already features a number of models! It’s a daring move: nobody expected a diving watch from the Swiss Replica Watches brand.

The Velocity Diver, as it is called, reflects the passionate, adventurous nature of Zino Davidoff, the brand’s founder. Originally from a humble Ukrainian family, Davidoff travelled the world with a particular penchant for Southern and Central America. He then brought together the best of the different crafts encountered on his travels, whilst in the meantime, his family had moved to Geneva, in 1911.

Davidoff Velocity Diver Black

Velocity Diver Black
© Davidoff Fake Watches UK

The Velocity Diver is a natural extension of this trajectory. It’s based on the experience the brand has built up in watchmaking since 2008, when it first appeared at Baselworld, and adds a blend of elegance, flamboyance and classicism to the house style. Not to mention technique: the Velocity Diver is a full-blown diver’s watch, waterproof to a depth of 300 metres. This makes it the first watchmaking creation by the brand to feature technical prowess as the priority in terms of specifications.

« Toutes les montres que nous créons sont directement inspirées de la passion de Zino “All the Replica Watches UK we create draw direct inspiration from Zino Davidoff’s passion. A fascination for the sea is one of the most significant aspects of that. But the Velocity Diver embodies more than just a passion for the maritime world – there is also the adventurous spirit of our founder,” explains Christian Schaffner, CEO.


Davidoff Velocity Diver Night Dive

Velocity Diver Night Dive
© Davidoff


Technical – and stylish

All the technical prerequisites for a diving watch are present, from the single-directional rotating bezel to the large screw-down crown. The SuperLumiNova finish on the three hands ensures all the important functions are readable in any circumstances, even in the darkest conditions. The steel or rubber strap on which the watch is mounted can withstand every seagoing condition imaginable.

Instead of the openwork sides that characterise the rest of the Velocity collection, the Diver watches have closed rubber flanks. As well as making the watch extra waterproof, they also help ensure it absorbs any impacts, thus minimising the latter’s consequences. The assembly is housed in a round 42 mm steel case, with alternating satin and polished finishes.

The watch is powered by a Soprod automatic movement, the oscillating weight of which is decorated with the Davidoff logo. The Velocity Diver will come in three different versions: Black, Night Dive and Silver, featuring black, blue and silver dials respectively. Davidoff will be offering a choice of steel or rubber strap for each.


Davidoff Velocity Diver Silver

Velocity Diver Silver
© Davidoff