Athens fantasy ghost Tourbillon silicon fantasy journey undertaken

Athens (Ulysse Nardin) on behalf of the legendary “FREAK Fantasy” Tourbillon launched in 2001, marking a milestone in the development of the replica watch industry in technology, materials and design, particularly in the use of silicon material, showing unparalleled progress. “Freak Phantom fantasy ghost” Tourbillon watch limited edition watch is well known this person continues the evolution of the family.

Ulysse Nardin watches industry first set numerous records, 2001, “Fantasy” Tourbillon marketed shocked altar table, so that the positioning Ulysse Nardin boarded another realm, the application of the silicon material is “Fantasy” One Tourbillon Featured items.

Because “fantastical” Caruso tourbillon design different from the traditional, no hour, minute, dial and crown, but was the first uses only silicon escapement wheel material of the watch , “fantastical” Tourbillon revolutionized senior Omega replica watch industry development path. The new members of the “fantasy ghost” through the extensive use of silicon material, to recognize the “fantasy” in the spirit of innovation and its tourbillon to new heights.

Watch appearance is very subtle, but “fantasy ghost” Tourbillon is a true inventions. Limited edition of 99, watch used silicon as the material of its patented spring (Si 1.1.1.); Moreover, most of the Omega Replica watch escapement are based on silicon. The whole “fantasy ghost” movement includes an oscillator, are made Ulysse Nardin factory made R & D, providing up to 8 days of power reserve.

Tourbillon within two ball bearing system and the inertia of the balance wheel conception and design, are using advanced technology to further enhance the performance of the watch. Its Caruso Tourbillon rotation around the center every 60 minutes, a circle, a flying tourbillon minute display. In the “fantasy ghost” tourbillon cage, the installation of a second indication and transparent arrows semicircle scale, the second instruction rotates once per minute, while the position of the zero axis is fixed to the minute instructions.

In addition, two special ball bearing device conceived to allow minute tourbillon movement with seconds indication deck support in case of need for “flight” feature. “Fantasy Ghost” Tourbillon is simple to use, in order to replace the caseback crown on the chain, turning the upper bezel can adjust the time; gear connecting shaft directly through movement, fixed 3 “pointer”, or avoided in the adjustment time when “pointer” shift.

“Fantasy Ghost” Tourbillon features excellent, showing confident style, so that the wearer highlight bold masculinity. Its movement against the backdrop of a black background, to convey a silent force status symbol, and its 18K rose gold case to show its most elegant side. “Fantasy Ghost” Tourbillon both originality and beauty, the continuation of “fantastical” watch series of unexpected features.

Athens’ fantasy ghost “tourbillon technical information

Model :2086-115

Limit: 99

Movement: UN-208 movement, movement running through the display time, the 8th Flying Carrousel Tourbillon, flying tourbillon Caruso attached to small second indication (60 seconds)

Power reserve: more than 8 days, sliding spring

Vibration frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz)

Rotational inertia: 8 mg * cm2, as adjusted by means of four screws

Gossamer: Silicon 1.1.1. Gossamer, Ulysse Nardin unique design

Escapement devices: silicon material, no oiling

Tourbillon: rotation per minute

Running track: Hourly revolution

WIND: manual winding, by turning the bottom cover on the chain drive mechanism caseback revolution equivalent to 12 hours of power storage

Function: Through movement operation display / min, Flying Carrousel Tourbillon with small seconds indication

Set time: Loosen the locking device, turn the outer ring

Case: 18K rose gold material

Case diameter: 45 mm

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