Bovet 1822 “Sergio” Split-Second Chronograph

— Belonging to the Bovet by Pininfarina collection, this timepiece is named after the “Sergio” concept car designed by Pininfarina on Ferrari Replica Watches UK base.

Bovet by Pininfarina «Sergio» Chronographe Rattrapante © Bovet 1822

Making its first appearance in 2010 jointly with the Amadeo® case, the BOVET by Pininfarina Collection has already featured three exclusive tourbillon timepieces (OTTANTA®, OTTANTADUE and OTTANTATRE) as well as a chronograph (Cambiano) available in many different versions.

The story of this new timepiece began with the presentation, at the Geneva Motor Show 2013, of the “Sergio” concept car designed by Pininfarina on Ferrari base. It was named after Sergio Pininfarina, the president of the family business for 40 years Omega Replica Watches.



The “Sergio” concept car, designed by Pininfarina on Ferrari base.
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This split-seconds chronograph, also known as the “Sergio”, shares the same refinement, reliability and engineering virtuosity of its namesake. The movement is a self-winding mechanical chronograph, featuring a small-second, a 30 minute counter and a power-reserve indicator. As its name implies, it is capable of measuring any number of intermediate times, a function particularly sought-after in the world of motor sport. The push-pieces positioned on either side of the crown fulfill their normal functions, respectively start and stop for the first, and reset for the second.

To activate the split-seconds function, a third push-piece – often frowned upon because it detracts from the symmetry of the timepiece – is required. The artisans of BOVET designed a split-second push-piece coaxial to the crown. This solution does not detract from the harmonious balance of the case and locates the push-piece in an optimal position for rapid and precise manipulations.



BOVET by Pininfarina “ Sergio ” Split-Second Chronograph
© Bovet 1822 Cheap Replica Watches

The aesthetic codes unique to the collection are much in evidence. The Pininfarina team has dressed the chronograph with sporty and elegant lines, matching the strong identity of the collection of the timepieces with the one of the concept car.

After approving the specification in terms of its technical conformity, the Dimier design office in collaboration with the Pininfarina design team released the timepiece for production to the Manufacture’s different workshops.

Four parts of the dial have been lowered. One houses the 30 minute chronograph counter at 12 o’clock, while the small-seconds are positioned at 6 o’clock and the power-reserve indicator at 3 o’clock. Meanwhile the fourth area, at 9 o’clock, accommodates the two names BOVET 1822 and Pininfarina. These two areas are perforated with multiple micro-apertures, a special feature virtually omnipresent on the timepiece’s motoring namesake. The highly specific shapes of these four areas carry a distinct echo of the vehicle’s aerodynamic elements.

An anthracite ruthenium treatment enhances the volumes and different surface finishes of the dial for a striking effect. The different graduations are pad-printed in white. This combination of colours is known to guarantee optimal legibility regardless of light levels and ambient reflections.

Like all timepieces in the collection, the “Sergio” Chronograph features the Amadeo® convertible system which makes it possible to instantly convert it into a wrist cheap replica Omega watches, a miniature table clock or a sports timer. An optional chain adds the possibility of wearing this timepiece as a pocket watch.

The “Sergio “ Split-Second Chronograph is available in a limited edition of 250 timepieces.


BOVET by Pininfarina «Sergio» Chronographe Rattrapante

© Bovet 1822 Replica Watches