Bovet At the GPHG 2013

— Récital 9 Tourbillon Miss Alexandra and Amadéo Fleurier Tourbillon Amadéo are taking part in the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.

Amadeo Fleurier Tourbillon Amadeo © Bovet

Bovet had submitted three Replica Watches UK to the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève 2013. Unfortunately, the Amadéo Fleurier Tourbillon Virtuoso (Men’s Complications Watch category) has not been retained by the jury of the pre-selections. But the Récital 9 Tourbillon Miss Alexandra (Ladies’ Complications Omega Replica Watch) and  the Amadéo Fleurier Tourbillon Amadéo (Artistic Crafts Watch) have been more successful and are taking part in the final competition.

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Récital 9 Tourbillon Miss Alexandra

The Récital 9 Miss Alexandra Tourbillon is the first timepiece by Bovet 1822 to be graced with an oval-shaped case (41 x 37.2mm.

Its movement provides the finest response to the specific nature of woman’s demands, which often imply making compromises. The main key to this success lies in its size: small enough to embrace the daintiest feminine wrist but large enough to supply a full 7-day operating autonomy to the tourbillon – of which the precision is further enhanced by its balance beating at a rate of 21,600 vibrations per hour.

Bovet Récital 9 Tourbillon Miss Alexandra

Récital 9 Miss Alexandra Tourbillon © Bovet Fleurier

Like the other Dimier calibres introduced since 2011, the movement of the Récital 9 Miss Alexandra Tourbillon is built between two three-quarter plates. Alongside the technical advantages of such a construction, it offers a generous space for the tourbillon carriage. The seconds hand, which normally appears on the upper pivot of the tourbillon carriage, is replaced in this model by a diamond featuring facets which, as they rotate, send sparks of light playing across the shimmering polished surfaces of the movement. Hours and minutes are displayed by new central hands specially designed for the Récital 9, Miss Alexandra Tourbillon. The mystery of their unusual shape is revealed every hour, when the minutes hand comes to rest on top of the hours hand and their combined shapes form a heart…

The upper part of the vertical axis of this timepiece displays the moon phases. The exact cartography of an entire moon face has been engraved on a mirror-polished steel plate, and the hollows of this engraving have been meticulously filled with a luminescent substance. The sky surrounding the moon is then engraved on a blue PVD-treated nickel silver plate that thus appears to be naturally studded with stars. The moon remains in a fixed position and two pallets featuring the same finish as the sky serve to cover the moon and thus show its age. The power reserve indicator is also presented in an original manner and appears to be mysteriously rising from the moon-phase sky.

The power reserve hand is fixed to its pivot below the moon motif.

Amadéo Fleurier Tourbillon Amadéo

The Fleurier Amadeo® 7-day Skeleton Tourbillon is the first skeletonised Tourbillon among Fleurier collection.

Engraving artisans traditionally receive sets of openworked bridges and mainplates and decorate their surfaces by following the cut-out shapes. In this case however, Pascal Raffy and his teams took a different approach to this timepiece in order for it to achieve aesthetic excellence without reducing its reliability and its precision-timing performances. The secret of this successful accomplishment stems from the fact of having jointly entrusted the design of the skeleton working to watchmakers – for the technical aspects – and to engraving artisans. By incorporating technical constraints into their aesthetic endeavours, the latter were able to endow the plates and bridges with cut-out shapes designed to make a perfect match with the Fleurisanne engravings that they would then execute on the surface of each component.


Amadéo Fleurier Tourbillon Amadéo © Bovet

Movements crafted by DIMIER 1738 are notably distinguished by their ability to highlight volumes. The aesthetic and the decoration of the movements are always conceived in three dimensions. The skeleton Amadeo® Tourbillon represents the ultimate expression of the use of volumes that in make it more a sculpture than a decorated mechanism.

Despite the sophistication of its skeleton-working and its decoration, the Amadeo® Tourbillon nonetheless remains a reliable, functional and accurate timepiece well suited to daily wear. It displays the hours and minutes as well as the 7-day power reserve, and the seconds hand is carried on the upper pivot of the tourbillon carriage.

The reversible and convertible reverse hand-fitting also shows the hours and minutes via off-centred hands on the second face of the timepiece. This reversed hand-fitting appears on the only dial of the Amadeo® Tourbillon. It is in fact a guilloché chapter ring which, in harmony with the finest tradition of skeleton movements, features an open centre providing views of the mechanism within.

The Technical Department within the Manufacture have brilliantly succeeded in avoiding the other pitfall of skeleton-worked movements: namely readability. To provide a sufficiently clear framework of reference, three Roman numerals are visible on the movement at 12, 3 and 9 o’clock.