Harry Winston Project Z6 Blue Edition

Project Z6 Blue Edition © Harry Winston

The Project Z6 Blue Edition is the newest introduction in the Project Z series, a collection of stunningly designed timepieces which present the unique aesthetic of Harry Winston, seamlessly fusing high performance, high-end replica watchmaking, and inimitable cutting-edge design.

Instrumental in revolutionizing Harry Winston timepieces, the Project Z series introduced a new material to the fake Omega watch industry called ZaliumTM. Light, harder than titanium, non- allergenic and extremely anti-corrosion resistant, ZaliumTM is an aerospace type zirconium alloy exclusive to Harry Winston in watchmaking.

Project Z6 Blue Edition © Harry Winston

Built around the sophisticated mechanics of Harry Winston’s caliber HW1010, the Project Z6 Blue Dial Edition is the ultimate high-end sports UK Omega Replica watch. The caliber HW1010 is a mechanical, hand-wound movement composed of 338 parts, which in addition to displaying the hours, minutes, and seconds (via Harry Winston’s unique “ Shuriken” revolving power indicator) is also an impressive alarm watch.

The Project Z6 Blue Edition shares the sophisticated implementation of the alarm function characteristic of the Project Z6 series, where the alarm consists of a minute repeater style hammer, which strikes a gong and produces a crisp sound. Designed to be seen, not only heard, the hammer is fixed to the ZaliumTM case to show the alarm ringing and enhance sound transmission, amplification and tone. It forms part of the Harry Winston composition of overlapping disks –one displaying the primary time, and the other showing the time for which the alarm is set, each with separate day and night indicators. Further emphasizing the practical functionality, the double barrels guarantee a full 72-hour power- reserve and ensure that the complication will not disrupt the movement timekeeping functions.

One of the most distinctive features of the Harry Winston Project Z6 Blue Edition is also the multi-level, vertical satin-brushed blue dial, which displays a number of sophisticated features and finishes, including a smoked sapphire glass effect over the alarm hour indexes, a blue sand-blasted applique at the center of the day/night indicator at 2 o’clock, and Côtes de Genève applied to the alarm subdial. The contrasting orientation and style of the finishes in different areas of the dial create a striking, memorable visual effect.

The Project Z6 Blue Edition is offered in a 44 mm ZaliumTM case, the hardness and resistance to abrasive wear of this material being enhanced by a grey DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) finish. A fusion of high tech horology and rich design, the Project Z6 Blue Edition is a striking addition to the Harry Winston Ocean Collection.