LONGINES wrist elegant timepiece accompanied journey landscape

Longines wrist autumn tourism season portrait of elegant timepieces recommended journey accompanied by changing scenery
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Clear hint of coolness in the air, revealing a pleasant autumn to the party;  slightly blowing autumn, bringing a fleeting beauty of landscapes, invite people to embark on the journey in time to experience the scenery changes. Famous Swiss clock watch manufacturer Longines watch the occasion of the autumn tourist season the occasion, portrait recommend two elegant watches – classic engraved Series 1938 twenty-four hours of military watches and Imier series rose gold diamond female form , regardless of is filled with the spirit of the traveler adventurer, or will go for historical and cultural tour of entrants, all Longines timepieces with high performance accompanied by the road every minute, enjoy the journey of changing scenery.

Men’s Watches Recommended:  two ground military watch adventurer spirit

For full adventurer spirit of men, for the exploration of the unknown world, to urge them to go on the road again. Engraved Longines Classic Series 1938 twenty-four hours military watch is for those traveling adventurer special selection, accompanied them crosses the more water, surf in extreme environments. It owns the 24 hours over two time zones when the function is more travelers should they need to provide the most critical functions, so that the wearer to enjoy the thrill of time to master. Longines Heritage 1930 production of military-style tables minimalist aesthetic philosophy, 1938 twenty-four hours military watch has a huge white Arabic numerals and minute dials, matt black surface with stark contrasts, to ensure clear reading. Coated with Super-LumiNova ® luminous hands and hour digital material is guaranteed wearer in low light conditions when you can easily read. The most striking bright red pointer second time zone contrasting with the black surface, in contrast, it memorable, while the red pointer is also a symbol of every adjustment a memorable journey.

LONGINES腕间优雅时计 相伴旅途风景
Engraved Longines Classic Series 1938 twenty-four hours military watch

LONGINES腕间优雅时计 相伴旅途风景
Longines Classic Series 1938 engraved military watches Longines Heritage 1930 table design and production of military followed its typical minimalist style aesthetic philosophy. This timepiece diameter 42 mm, equipped with self-winding mechanical movement L704, displays hours, minutes, seconds, date display at 3 o’clock, in addition to bright red pointer indicates the second time zone. Striking huge white Arabic numerals coated with Super-LumiNova ® luminous material, white minute dial matt black surface with stark contrasts. Black synthetic material strap sewn with white thread for this new timepiece Adds a touch of color in America.

Women’s Watches Recommended:  Imier town’s historical and cultural tours

Compared full of the unknown and challenging adventure, exotic historical and cultural tours are also all over the surprise, whether it is the vicissitudes of the castle tour, or visit the artistic and cultural celebrities hometown, or will roam in the history of classical museum hosts, let us put slow pace, quietly walked trip destination, with one seat to carefully taste the ancient city because of the time precipitated brilliance. Longines Aksoy Mia series (Saint-Imier) Rose Gold Diamond Ladies Watch then led the travelers into a beautiful old town and the history behind the legend.

The seventh century AD, a 名叫伊米亚 (Imier) monk accidentally Jura mountains in a valley discovered springs and lush meadows, and decided to stay reclaim the land, followed by people died in Ymirjar He added the title of the saints, and in the ninth century to the area known as Saint Imier (Shengyimiya), which Imier. About a thousand years later in 1832, Longines was founded in Imier, Longines Imier series inspiration from the brand a long purest watchmaking tradition of the founding flourished.

Imier series rose gold diamond female form smooth lines and independent of the case lugs showing classic and modern design of the perfect balance between hanging on the bezel and dial on top of the 71 diamond watch more highlights Behind the bright light of culture, but also bring out the charming and elegant lady.

LONGINES腕间优雅时计 相伴旅途风景
Longines Aksoy Mia series rose gold diamond female form

LONGINES腕间优雅时计 相伴旅途风景
Longines Aksoy Mia series inspired by the brand’s long-standing founding purest watchmaking tradition flourished. Fluent lines and independent of the case lugs to give these new products a classical and modern design of the perfect balance between. Case diameter is 26 mm, rose gold, white mother of pearl dial decorated with 11 diamonds scale, bezel decorated with 60 diamonds.