Luxury “cultural identity era” will come

Decided to show off consumer psychology in general sense of domestic consumption of luxury goods is difficult in single brand into the system. But it is undeniable that this parallel world, every minute can be branded as a “cultural aura” brings business miracle. In MIBC international luxury club manager at sea eyes, this identity is a luxury consumption brings real future.

“MIBC club literal translation is an international multi-brand clubs, which is a luxury business third play, better than the high-end shopping malls and stores, and perhaps closer to the meaning of luxury in itself, it is a high-end lifestyle, not just priced to sell a few million bags.


Opened at the beginning had hoped to ‘sync European style, lower than prices in Hong Kong’ closure domestic consumption of luxury goods, but later discovered that luxury consumer attitudes need to start to reverse, only stable market, rather than rush to scan cargo , requires a small fire slowly work. ”

Luxury consumption into the system yet

Direct or join the agency, when the mainland luxury market is still confined to either-or choice, Hong Kong and Macao in August last year, the center opened so more than one set of brand licensing experience store, this is a luxury third play, the sea is undoubtedly a pioneer.

Boutique display in MIBC between, there are three Hermes Birkin limited edition, orange, purple and stitching color. The trump card to attract luxury Hermes stationed at sea and his partners have really spent a lot of effort. This is the Chinese mainland market only three, speculators have already left the high price of 125,000 yuan. “Even in Europe, the store, the prerequisite is to buy a Birkin Hermes five $ 600,000 to buy other products, and have the time of booking six months to two years, the conditions for Chinese consumers more demanding reservation time at least five years. “at sea says,” seemingly small problem, in fact, a reflection of the domestic consumption of luxury goods a big obstacle. to Hermes, for example, it is not suitable for people spending a lot of things, such as bottles, harness etc. only package valued domestic rich. “in the sea analysis, it seems also a fundamental conspicuous consumption, not simply to show off wealth. “Often expensive luxury has an unusual design behind, although this design may also do other common designer, but the design of people who did not replicate. Designers and artists to be positioned in grade under the aura of luxury goods behind a sense of artistry and culture is undoubtedly the high value-added products of these brands. ”


Decided to show off consumer psychology in general sense of domestic consumption of luxury goods is difficult in single brand into the system, “get together”, “suit” has become a mainstream consumer, “cargo sweeping” impossible to form a stable market and sustainable consumption. But MIBC has apparently fumbled another road, and that is to build a high-end luxury living system, “whose premise is accurate positioning member.” On the membership recruitment, MIBC has a number of golf clubs, high-end beauty clubs and other institutions to share resources in order to imperceptibly into the new rich lifestyle.


Big lonely obscure fatigued

Must admit that this parallel world, every minute can be branded as a “cultural aura” brings business miracle. However, for any brand of extreme love, must have its spiritual and cultural reasons. This is also the world’s luxury goods companies hire high-wage historians truth. Contemporary Chinese luxury goods market veteran fatigued, Europe Tide brand momentum to the sea some surprise.

“The club will also need to adjust the product structure of the Member, MIBC dabbled Tide brand management, introduced last year Bugatti (BUGATTI) clothing brand, and brand itself is France’s most prestigious sports car manufacturers.” The sea, “they produced BOSS also casual wear than casual, BOSS a T-shirt to sell 2,000 yuan, while the tide of the Bugatti brand clothing will be sold for around $ 1400-1500, in fact, no price advantage. agency after a while, and found that brand recognition is still limited So withdraw To establish a brand is not easy. “lies sea view, consumer brand dependence and consumption habits are not so easy to” fatigue “. “100 years in the European market are not ‘fatigue’, to eight or ten years here on our tired, a little ridiculous.”

Domestic consumers have begun to unabashed luxury like it. This is a brand of cultural forces to create a gas field, but also to create business businessman miracle given the world a valuable spiritual heritage. When Chinese consumers become more rational, the initial enthusiasm brought by the dazzle rich consumer demand will gradually subside, the next batch of mature Chinese consumers will buy because of brand identity and culture, “the future of hunger alone luxury brand marketing, raise the price of the publicity effect will fade away, but the brand’s history and is to tell the story well, so that Chinese people understand, there is sympathy. ” Yu Hai said.

In fact, the market potential is still excited

This year’s luxury trend seems low. Side is the famous suspension shop, while the high-end consumer-related policy restrictions. ” Vacheron Constantin moments in Beijing removed the six stores, domestic removed the 12, the domestic luxury consumption, and political and policy has not ignore the relationship between the ‘ table Brother ‘one, the table do not sell. “Yu Hai joke, However, this impact is not obvious feelings for the club, “in the final analysis is that for the ‘lifestyle’ to do business, with the increase in membership, sales and performance will increase so-called high spending limit the impact of the mall will be very large, especially do gift cards accounted for a relatively large share of shopping malls. ” It also warns luxury brands in the Chinese market should be strengthened to develop their own inherent individual consumers, rather than buy the market in the past and gift market.

“Inception think ‘closure’ that’s a bit bigger,” the sea smiled and said, “look at the market, slowly, blind expansion of funds used will be very large, over 1000 square meters of shop orders funds will be pressure 60000000 -8000 million, if the store is larger, then more funds Dragging, 10,000 square meters less right thirty-five one hundred million. now in Hong Kong and Macao center 1000 square meters of shop operators have accumulated more than 1,000 a year membership, 16 month sales billions of dollars, which is acceptable to the growth rate of the club, martial arts still have a sense of belonging on the next member in the culture. “