Piaget watches and jewelry depths with ambition pushing Gala Series

Earl in the Swiss Jura mountains La Cote-aux-Fées 110 years after its establishment, has been with the production of precision durable, punctual and reliable movement , gain recognition. Finally in 1957, Piaget introduced the world’s rare 2 mm ultra-thin hand-wound mechanical movement – 9P movement. Since then, the “thin” has become synonymous with the count.

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And naturally engrossed in studying Earl and innovative ultra-thin movement, becoming an expert in the field and leading brands. According to statistics, the count senior bell table factory produced 35 movement, a total of 23 are ultra-thin movement, gathered in a variety of styles and functions.

Throughout the entire watch industry, only a few well-known brands to its own watch factory’s power alone, alone to complete the design, R & D, to the last modification of each step, the count even one. It’s annual production of 25,000 almost constant number of high watchmaking and jewelery kept watch closely integrated special status.

Piaget China CEO Thomas Bouillonnec (Murong Tao), “said Earl’s identity from the watch factory, it is very average annual tabulation process, but also a normal cycle, we are not to do any activity table . ”

Piaget watches jewelry faster than

Count to a model for ultra-thin movement 9P as an opportunity on the basis of a variety of hard stone mosaic and precious stones, lending a case, dial or bracelet, watch as the fine art of Pierre, now As have been a handful of gems and fine jewelry department Mania brand. According to statistics, the count in Geneva has one the largest workshop, in which the Earl of gems by masters produced inlaid precious stones and has more than three million.

Gradually jewelry and jewelry watches became Count another important product line. Although Earl started to watch, but now the count has exceeded sales of jewelry watches. The main reason is to explore its market promotion and advertising delivery.

Count on farming in the movie marketing has long, following three consecutive years to support the Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony and other international film event, this year released popular film “Beijing encounter Seattle,” Earl is watch the film and Jewelry exclusive sponsorship.

In the movie, whether it is the gate count of the scene shop or soup only pick jewelery shop in Earl’s picture is still smarting. The pursuit of luxury living heroine wearing Piaget diamond earrings and Piaget Rose Limelight Magic Hour watch, etc., and later turns appearing Piaget Possession necklaces, watches and Piaget Heart Earl accessories such elegant simplicity, let the high and low end product line has been fully demonstrated.

Bouillonnec told financial weekly newspaper reporter: “Count on the jewelry and watches are quite competitive, of course, we did recently stepped up promotion in the field of jewelry not only the placement into the” Beijing encounter Seattle “Such selling movies , it is also to increase the count ads in the media, but in fact, many of us are just one part of the project. ”

As presented in the movie, the count started from fine jewelry to jewelry has a simple and elegant style, product lines distributed more widely. Plus women for jewelry infinite desire and pursuit also contributed to the rapid rise of Piaget jewelry.

Bouillonnec said: “We are the watch and jewelery industry will combine these two areas complement each other in such a leader. Earl in these two areas are on the rise, just that in the jewelry field, we see the growth in leaps and bounds , the growth will be more rapid, but the watch also has a relatively stable growth. ”

It is undeniable that the growth of jewelry watches to benefit from the count in this area has long been a firm foothold in this context, the count have a relatively big budget, will be more budget on jewelry top. Bouillonnec admits: “Although Piaget jewelry has a very good reputation, growth is also very optimistic, but the impact of Piaget jewelry is much inferior to watch, so I think the count field of jewelry is a great potential.”

Strong Chinese elements

For all the luxuries speaking, China’s market potential is beyond doubt. Piaget has always attached great importance to the Chinese market, such as Earl had specifically to launch Dragon Dragon themed watches, of course, is the Chinese Year of the Dragon watch team source of inspiration.

Bouillonnec told reporters: “The count that Dragon is a great element of space to play, so we took advantage of this opportunity for Chinese Year of the Dragon, with the dragon and phoenix theme of the Earl of such ownership characteristics of the table once unfolded.”

So we will see Dragon series painted enamel, golden eagle, diamonds, and other 40 Tourbillon Dragon variety of different elements appear in the eyes of consumers. Store opened in Xi’an also demonstrated live Earl specially presented Xi’an Pierre watch – Piaget Polo Tourbillon Relatif. Not only is the city of history and culture of dialogue, it is the source of much heritage qincheng tribute.

In addition, the selection of Chinese luxury brand ambassador has become a star as a “ground gas” the pack. Earl picked a heavyweight spokesperson – Gong Li.

Her low visibility in the fashion and show business are legendary inside, she is only one year boarded a fashion magazine cover artist, in the election drama is also very picky. But she is always in the film has an irreplaceable position.

Bouillonnec said: “Gong Li’s beautiful, feminine, and very charismatic personality makes me think she is very similar with Earl. Earl of a small amount of annual output of high-quality insisted she agreed to become the spokesman for the count.”

Earl has also repeatedly stressed that, despite high watchmaking to enter the Chinese market relatively late, but they found that Chinese consumers are “knowledgeable”, and they know the count in the 140-year history has always insisted that all parts self-sufficiency, they also know that such historical heritage of the brand will stick down noble quality. Thomas Bouillonnec explained: “We will not put any risk on any person, so that we can guarantee to give to the consumer the best product and this is subject to Chinese consumers trust and love of reason.”

Thomas Bouillonnec said: “We also believe that this trend will continue to rise, we will continue in China and Asian markets make an effort.”


Piaget China CEO Thomas Bouillonnec

Brand synonymous: three asked the table and Limelight Gala Series

M = Moneyweek

T = Thomas Bouillonnec

M: Master enamel Earl came specifically for Anita, Anita cooperation with the progress of the watch?

T: We collaborate with her for many years, she has said she is very willing to cooperate Earl is a brand because we give her more creative space. Better understanding of Anita’s people know that she is one of the best among the field of enamel paint, and enamel painting is actually an art, like painting, like the art of composition and technology components are equally high. While she is technically superb, but her aesthetically superior, so her temperament beauty sleep is very similar with the Count. Earl again she did, in cooperation Earl a series, produced as part of the enamel painted watch, she will continue to help us make better creations. And Anita is also very humble to say that everything is in order to protect and pass on enamel process.

M: What is expected to watch will shine?

T: the male form and female form separately said, Men of the table, although the three asked the table rarely, it is impossible to have turned into everyone watches, but watch the details among consumers seek. Ms. tables, Piaget jewelry watch will continue to shine. Limelight Gala series which we believe will be very popular with the guests loved her design, workmanship and are able to represent the mosaic Piaget jewelry table position. This table shape is also very representative, it is tempting one to remember it. For this series of female form, we hope consumers see the Gala will think of Earl, Earl would expect to see Gala, so Limelight Gala series will become the same as the brand synonymous with watches.