Swiss Best Outdoor Fake Watches For Every Kind Of Adventure

In our guide to field replica watches online, we pondered what exactly constitutes a field watch, and the answer we arrived at is a solid one: a field watch should be simple, durable and legible. “Dials should have big, contrasting markers and little else adorning them. Cases should protect movements from hard knocks. There should be lume aplenty,” we wrote.

All this is true of high quality US fake watches that can perform in the great outdoors. But the category of Outdoors Watch is so large that its very definition is somewhat hazy. We spend time outdoors for thousands of different reasons. Almost no watch can cover every pursuit; even powerful smartwatches with “ABC” (altitude, barometer, compass) functionality, GPS and heart rate tracking might not rate for SCUBA diving or be too bulky for, say, bouldering.

So we have to ask ourselves: What do we decide fits the bill? Is a $10,000 Rolex that can keep perfect time despite being knocked on a rock but that any sane person would not risk knocking on a rock to begin with an outdoors timepiece?

In order to answer this question, we’ve provided you with a wide range of cheap replica watches that fit into as many outdoor pursuit categories as we can: The mechanical beauties that befit a summit photo; chunky dive watches whose brawn makes them ideal for the deep sea but also help them survive above the treeline; affordable Swiss movements copy watches powered by quartz movements, less flashy but more suited to shock survival; or the aforementioned ABC smartwatches, a potent tool for the trail runner looking to log his miles and the hunter hoping to find his way to camp. There is no perfect outdoors watch. But somewhere on this list is the perfect watch for your next adventure.

Replica Omega Seamaster Railmaster Watches

    Movement: Omega 8806

    Case Diameter: 40mm

    Water Resistance: 150m

The modern incarnation of the AAA fake Omega Railmaster watches — part of a classic tool watch trio that includes the Seamaster and Speedmaster — is far too often overlooked. After all, it has a movement that is both chronometer-certified (long story short, it’s very accurate) and super resistant to magnetism. And its new dial is lumed to the max.

Fake Rolex Explorer II Watches

    Movement: Rolex 3285

    Case Diameter: 42mm

    Water Resistance: 100m

If the 1:1 top replica Rolex Explorer II watches had been available in 1953 when Hillary summited Everest, chances are he might have had this white-dialed beauty on his wrist. Originally developed for spelunking, it has a 24-hour fixed bezel, lumed indices and a bright orange-tipped 24-hour hand for absolute clarity when darkness and low oxygen levels threaten to overcome you. Its 3187 movement also features enhanced shock resistance.

Breitling Professional Emergency Replica Watches

    Movement: Breitling 76 SuperQuartz

    Case Diameter: 51mm

    Water Resistance: 50m

Technically, this is an upgrade of luxury replica Breitling’s first Emergency watches, released in 1995. Besides being a beefcake on the wrist (consider the “why-not-make-it-indestructible?” black titanium-cased perfect super clone watches), it has a dual-frequency distress beacon that you can activate so that search-and-rescue will come get you out of any tough situation. Barring a real scare, you can always use its SuperQuartz movement to power the included chronograph, countdown timer, second time zone, and alarm (the normal wake-up kind).