Swiss Replica Watches Authority Paul O’Neil appointed Editor-in-Chief

— Paul O’Neil takes up today the role of Editor-in-Chief of Swiss Replica Watches.

Paul O'Neil nouveau Rédacteur en chef de WorldTempus

Some may think it is an April Fools’ joke, especially coming in the middle of BaselWorld, but this 1st April 2014 heralds two significant events in the evolution of the website of reference dedicated to luxury Cheap Replica Watches UK. On the one hand, WorldTempus joins the Swiss publishing house that has published GMT magazine since the year 2000, on the other visitors to WorldTempus will quickly get to know the face of Paul O’Neil, who takes up the role of Editor-in-Chief.

We welcome this professional from the world of watchmaking, who is familiar with industry behind the scenes, having worked for different brands before moving into the specialised media. Paul O’Neil symbolically inaugurates the new weekly newsletter, which is available on request from today. Paul will continue to work with the fifteen specialist journalists from around the world who are renowned in the world of watchmaking and who contribute to the site daily, offering a range of exclusive articles that complement our videos and watch presentations. New contributors from the land of the rising sun and across the Atlantic will soon strengthen this pool of dynamic talent even further. Ten new items are published on WorldTempus every day (and two hundred during BaselWorld) and the site also lists 11,000  Fake Watches UK models.

Following the merger between GMT and WorldTempus, the new platform of the Swiss UK Replica Watches Authority rests on even more solid and healthy foundations, from which its ever-increasing readership will benefit. Thank you to the architects of this success and the teams who have worked behind the scenes to have everything ready, on D-day, from A to Z and with a capital W.