Good News: Anyone Will Be Able To Buy Coveted $260 Fake Omega MoonSwatch Watches For Sale

When Swatch announced a new Bioceramic MoonSwatch collection created in partnership with its luxury brother brand Omega replica watches online site, it immediately sent shockwaves throughout the watch world. Every watch in the new collection featured the Omega brand name and borrowed much of the iconic styling of the beloved luxury US fake Omega Speedmaster watches — which was famously worn on the moon and cost thousands of dollars — for a price of just $260.

But there was a notable catch. Initial supplies were only available for purchase through select Swatch Boutique locations. And even high quality replica watches fans living near the stores faced huge lines just for the chance to snag very limited quantities on launch day. Everyone else appeared to be out of luck, unless they were willing to pay exorbitant reseller prices from second-hand marketplaces like eBay.

Thankfully, in response to the explosive early demand, Swatch updated its website with encouraging news for fans of the epic collaboration. According to the statement, the brand will do its best “to fulfill demand” and hopes “that anyone who is moonstruck by this OMEGA x Swatch collaboration will soon be able to lay their hands on one of these best copy watches.”

But what about the possibility of buying a MoonSwatch online from Swatch? The updated statement also noted that “The perfect replica Omega Bioceramic MoonSwatch Collection watches is not available for the time being for purchase online,” likely frustrating countless potential customers who don’t live near a Swatch boutique.

Still, we wouldn’t recommend turning to the second-hand market in desperation just yet. It’s just speculation, but the wording of the statement does hint that the collection might be available for online purchase at some point. The Omega MoonSwatch super clone watches shop landing pages also feature purchase buttons that are currently grayed out, but could easily be turned on.

We’ll make sure to update you if the online status changes. Until then, at least you still have the option of calling in a favor from friends living near any of Swatch’s boutiques.