Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine 1731 ultra-thin movement

If one kind of system tables are only a few watchmakers art can really grasp, it must be a timekeeping device, which is recognized as the most difficult to master replica Rolex watchmaking skills in complex processes. 200 years, SOLITAIRE Vacheron Constantin continue to create such a fine masterpiece.

Today, Vacheron Constantin launched Patrimony Contemporaine 1731 ultra-thin movement , engraved with the prestigious Geneva Seal, once again set a new milestone. This exquisite watch is not only equipped with sophisticated timekeeping devices, while overcome technical difficulties, creating the thinnest on the market movement and the thinnest of the three asked three questions Replica Watches UK. Movement thickness of only 3.90 mm, and the movement of the watch is equipped with a thickness of only 8.09 mm, both the exquisite art of watchmaking to the extreme.

江诗丹顿 Patrimony Contemporaine 1731超薄机芯
First a repeater wristwatch was born in the 18th century, because of the advent of electric lighting yet, people need to rely on timekeeping know at night time. Today, in spite of three repeater watch is no longer a must-have feature, it is still a top symbol of the art of watchmaking. Because each one is unique miniature asked the table, each one carrying the watchmakers unique imprint.

Each one has its own watch the rhythm of life, Naruto played upon his own music, often chime sound, as if reciting a passage time of elegance and Music. Watch three questions may need to set alarms at the whole point, the whole moment and minutes. Edge of the dial to the time slider is the case with the main complex device only exposed part of the flick the slider, a hammer spring herald the whole bass sounded when the two were percussion hammer spring herald the treble and bass the whole moment, the last minute by the treble spring herald.

江诗丹顿 Patrimony Contemporaine 1731超薄机芯
Inheritance professional skills and superior quality

Vacheron Constantin is not only built on top of historical heritage, but also to world-renowned luxury watch compose a real, enduring hymn. In 1810, Vacheron Constantin created the brand’s first three questions a pocket watch. The ensuing decades, Vacheron Constantin tirelessly to make timekeeping device into complex functions which, every time was the most successful to create a work of exquisite watches.

If 1929 was the king of Egypt King Fouad and in 1935 his son King Farouk customized watch, elegant, immortal. In 1941, Vacheron Constantin launched the first single-complicated watches, using three questions form shape design is equipped with 4261 movement. Since then, the constant pursuit of Vacheron Constantin ultimate slim tabulation realm and beyond the limit again in 1992, to create a 1755 movement, the thickness of only 3.28 mm movement of the three asked the exquisite watchmaking skills into unprecedented heights.

Today, in order to show that numerous efforts devoted watchmakers legendary skills, Vacheron Constantin classics from previous works inspired by the 1731 launch of a new movement, founder of the brand to commemorate the birthday of Jean-Marc Vacheron Year.

江诗丹顿 Patrimony Contemporaine 1731超薄机芯
1731 movement, the cohesion of craftsmanship as innovation

In 2009, Vacheron Constantin determined to create a blend slim shape, pure sound quality and aesthetic appeal of the reliability and durability of the three asked the table, which lasted four years before they finally completed this complex work. 1731 new movement thickness of 3.90 mm, with up to 65 hours of power storage, launched in 1993, more than 3.28 mm caliber slightly thicker, but it is the slimmest on the market three questions movement, successfully tackled assembly and tuning parts of this extremely slim technical difficulties. Superb technology is not only reflected in the movement’s own slim, 1731 comes with an extremely clever movement device – flight timekeeping governor by Vacheron Constantin in 2007 for the three series of the 2755 movement, the movement asked specifically developed. With traditional lever governor is different is that this governor is completely silent.

Governor function is to stabilize the hammer percussion sound spring rate. If the lack of regulator or governor, Panasonic will follow the order of frequency drum clockwork percussion sound out, only to produce rapid and difficult to identify the scale. Vacheron Constantin manufacture flight governor inertia block or two from the weight composition, as governor rotation axis brake to balance the three asked watch cylindrical spring energy released. To achieve this functionality, the brake with the centrifugal and centripetal forces.

When the governor rotates, centrifugal force weights at one end of the center outwards, and the other end of the pressure in the rotary shaft, so that the rotational speed is more stable, more stable timekeeping rhythm. Governor nuances have been carefully polished modification, engraved with the brand logo ” Maltese Cross “logo, but the logo can not be seen from the front of the movement.

江诗丹顿 Patrimony Contemporaine 1731超薄机芯
Pursuit to perfect harmony phonological

Patrimony Contemporaine 1731 watchmakers ultra-thin movement embodies the best sound quality for the pursuit invested a lot of effort, because the sound quality is the key to success timekeeping watches. Vacheron Constantin attempts through various processes to create clear and melodious music. Gongs connected not only to the central case in order to amplify the sound, and the first top of each other rather than sequentially arranged.

Case and movement integration, cleverly taken into account in the design of the mechanical and the case airflow between other small parameters, so that to achieve the best sound propagation effects. Vacheron Constantin, the pursuit of perfection did not stop there – the case itself does not have any seams, all components interoperate, metal bit accurate docking, thereby expanding the amplitude of the sound while flying governor will ensure that the hammer to knock a steady rate strike gongs.

Each watchmakers took several months for him to assembly and commissioning of the three asked the watch into their own music, but the sound to go through the movement Vacheron timekeeping device expert sensitive ears listen, but also to go through a few fine-tuning procedures to ensure high bass in perfect harmony. Tests carried out in the morning 4:49 am sharp, the whole point of this time (sounded four times), the whole moment (sounded three times) and minutes (sounded four times) at intervals almost the same, and therefore the most rhythm at this time clear.

The real question form where the soul, that is unique to each watch sounds, in the factory will be recorded and carefully preserved, thereby carved Vacheron Constantin watches hall in a “sound marks.” This process not only ensures all Vacheron Constantin watches – whether historical or contemporary works before – provide lifelong maintenance, and to ensure that any one with three repeater function watch can be in the workshop restore its unique sound.

江诗丹顿 Patrimony Contemporaine 1731超薄机芯
Watchmakers handed down masterpiece

For a master watchmaker who participate in the production repeater watch is a supreme honor. This is an art that requires the hands of a genius, experience, infinite patience and truly understand the musical ear. Therefore, the master watchmaker timekeeping technology is a top elite circle.

In Vacheron Constantin, only in exceptional complex functions (Grandes Complication) watchmakers workshop work in order to create this stunning masterpiece. To enter this exclusive territory, they must have a watchmaker watchmaking workshop in another 15 years of work experience, even after working under the guidance of the master for two years.

Three repeater can be said that all the complex functions of the watch most fascinating, but it is also the most demanding requirements of art, it is because a lot of small parts must be assembled and patiently convergence settings even after repeated and adjust in order to achieve perfectly smooth running, producing absolutely pure sound. A watch requires three to six months time to assemble and adjust. Focus for watchmakers who are at any time essential quality, because rasp on the gongs will lead to a multi-zoned sound muddy.

Watchmaker who employ more than 1,200 pieces of tools to create such a complex mechanical devices. Many tools are manufactured by watchmakers themselves, while some of the tools used only once. Although the number of watchmaking tools to more amazing, but master of his ears are always the most advanced tools. Because watchmaker in the mixer during its own unique “imprint” branded on the watch, they asked for the three tables into a life.

江诗丹顿 Patrimony Contemporaine 1731超薄机芯
Uphold the noble traditions of Haute Horlogerie grinding process

The historic process so that the real work of all senior watch wristwatch thriving, while the 1731 is this classic craft movement representatives, each parts are polished by the patient, including not even get a glimpse of some components hidden. Movement motherboard using a circular grained polished, while the hammer is through mirror-polished to catch the light, or alternately to cover the dark outer layer in the form presented, thereby eliminating the fine grinding of the surface for any traces.

Meanwhile, plywood decorated with exquisite Geneva wave pattern, creating an elegant wave effect, adding to the sense of clever. Vacheron Constantin watchmaker skills are polished on all kinds of gains, a feat which need to go through 18 months of rigorous training to master. This art is called beveled or chamfered, is a specialized craft on angles in the 1731 movement seven splint can clearly see.

江诗丹顿 Patrimony Contemporaine 1731超薄机芯
The new ultra-thin movement and case, natural

Patrimony Contemporaine 1731 in the extreme ultra-thin movements convey the pure essence of classicism, the extraordinary complex under cover in minimalist appearance. This watch was inspired by 1955 as Ji Nianjiang Vacheron Constantin was founded two hundred anniversary of the creation of ultra-thin watches, followed in 2004 also received a new interpretation of the birth of a Patrimony Contemporaine 81180 watch.

Since then, the ultimate slim volume, goose egg shape, curved bezel, dial and arched table mirror, beads minute scale ring and stick hour markers in a triangle and alternating between swinging baton hands, make this watch a timeless classic. The new Patrimony Contemporaine 1731 ultra-thin movement remains true to its timeless design criteria, the case embodies the sophisticated and complex process, with the 1731 model movement seamless, while setting a double record: In the thinnest watch three questions (8.90 mm) embedded within the thinnest of the three asked caliber (3.90 mm). The center of the arc to highlight the case, and thus dilute the contours, sapphire crystal case back then sweeping demonstrate hammers, but also a glimpse of a rare gongs. The edge of the dial, select Vacheron Constantin placed in the 8 o’clock position extremely elegant eccentric small seconds, which in the Patrimony Contemporaine series, it is the first case: in a practical and clever way to make Patrimony Contemporaine 1731 ultra-thin movement fore.

江诗丹顿 Patrimony Contemporaine 1731超薄机芯
PATRIMONY CONTEMPORAINE 1731 ultra-thin movement Model: 30110/000R-9793, by the Geneva Seal certified.
Movement: Vacheron Constantin developed by the manufacturing 1731 model manual-winding mechanical movement, diameter 32.80 mm (14” ‘¼ lignes), thickness 3.90 mm, approximately 65 hours of power reserve, the vibration frequency 3 Hz (21,600 times per hour ), 265 parts, 36 jewels.
Display: hours, minutes, small seconds at 8:00 position, three repeater.
Case: 18K 5N pink gold, diameter 41 mm, thickness 8.09 mm, transparent sapphire crystal case back, not waterproof.
Dial: silver white, arched outer ring, 18K 5N pink gold hour markers and pearls minute scale.
Bracelet: Brown hand-sewn alligator strap square pattern Mississippi.
Clasp: 18K 5N pink gold clasp, polished half Maltese cross design.
Accessories: Resonators “La Musique du Temps (Time’s voice),” enhance the Vacheron Constantin minute repeater device sound resonance effect.

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