Cartier watches and other old it will “sell” historical

Historical heritage can be directly reflected in modern societies commercial value, invariably visit European cities – Paris, London, Geneva is not difficult to find those most luxurious luxury stores and specialty boutiques, antiques and even historical photographs are arranged in kind indispensable element stores, some stores still sell new goods together with thrift, people, especially fascinating. Specific to clock Omega Replica watchindustry, not only brand stores all over the world will be a substantial history of traditional elements embodied in Geneva and Basel exhibition in particular, will see many museums grade antique exhibits.


The earliest introduction of this stock for the watch industry “historical trend” when pushed Patek Philippe . From the 1980s onwards, the brand has been in the main “handed down” concept, while the company’s owner Stearns family also began collecting a variety of different ways their antique products, its painstaking crystal is located in the city of Geneva now Centre imposing Patek Philippe Museum collections and data.

It must be noted that the Patek Philippe Museum Museum goes far beyond the scope of brand companies, has become a showcase Geneva watchmaking history and throughout Europe one of the authorities in the Kingdom of Swiss Replica Watches almost immediately and Clock Museum in La Chaux-de Beyer, After Monte castles and other museums, is the most professional watch several leading museums.

The museum also allow the presence of Patek Philippe brand, standing out, slightly higher than in the minds of many people as old as those illustrious counterparts, so there will be today’s leading position. However, different from other museums in Switzerland, Patek Philippe museum is relatively small to be sent overseas or foreign show exhibits, not to their own collecting antique resale to others.
Founded in 1983, Cartier ‘s collection started early, with Patek Philippe similar limited scope of its collection Replica Omega watches, jewelery known. Each collection consists of a specialized agency of Cartier through private collectors, exchanges and auctions, according to style, inspiration, sources, materials, and techniques and processes from carefully selected standard, currently has a total of 1450 works, and continues to expanding. Its distinctive is that it is often with the world’s most famous museums series – New York Metropolitan Museum, London British Museum, Lisbon Carlo Manchester – Gul principal Safety Foundation Museum, Moscow Kremlin, and Beijing Palace Museum and other topics to do with the history of Cartier show, a brand promotion tool.

Meanwhile, in Geneva, Cartier Collection headquarters will be careful maintenance and repair of their own to find the Cartier Collection, and sold to favorite antiques and traditional products to consumers, or should Cartier collectors request for them to collect antique treasures. Companies directly involved in second-hand and antique trade in Europe people actually are not many big companies is even more rare, no wonder Cartier Collection department in Geneva is particularly secretive, only genuine fine handed down would recommend to large customers.
In fact, whether directly collecting antiques for collectors, or just for their own enrichment museum exhibits, the museum’s collecting or the company extended to the entire history of clocks areas, in terms of brand image absolutely strong support. This reminds me of some of the early years of the Swiss purchased the historic brand, and relying on the brand will rapidly expand business in Asia tables suppliers, always refused to ancient traditions in multi-brand invested capital. Even collecting the antique boutique with ancient movement and other inventory, do not know how to take advantage of the transformation to make the brand the way these things be promoted.

Over time, those who had a very pure Swiss brand also transformed into Asia’s brand, and it is difficult in the high-end table ShangXi place. Explore the value of history is an unavoidable prerequisite is – with respect and awe historical tradition, the caution that tradition, so it can really make your brand constantly passed along, to flourish.