Omega 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic countdown grand opening

Omega Replica Watches down timer at the Olympic Games in Nanjing Xin Jie Kou Square before the grand opening, the official Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing in 2014 for the opening of the first anniversary of the countdown, the scene more than a hundred cheers after another. For this special event is organized by the Nanjing Youth Olympic countdown (NYOCOG) to cooperate with the replica Omega.

(Left to right) Gerhard Heiberg, Stephen Urquhart, Ji Jianye, Liu An

Activities of the evening, Omega president Stephen Urquhart (Stephen Urquhart), International Olympic Committee and International Olympic Committee President Marketing Gerhard Heiberg, Mayor of Nanjing, Nanjing Youth Olympic Committee Vice Chairman-cum-Secretary General and Executive Vice Mayor Ji Jianye Nanjing Youth Olympic Committee cum Deputy Secretary-General Liu attended the ceremony along with security.

Omega Olympic Games in Nanjing Xin Jie Kou Square down timer grand opening

Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games in August 16 to August 28 was held during the competition will be 28 Omega sports timing to provide professional services. Omega Youth Olympic Games will be used in the weighing approximately 80 tons of advanced timekeeping equipment, including 115 public and sporting competitions dedicated scoreboard, total length 100 km of fiber-optic cables, as well as 25 TV channels signal instruments.

In 1932, the first time at the Los Angeles Olympics Omega Replica Watches appointed time as the Olympic Games. Subsequently in 2010, held in Singapore inaugural Youth Olympic Games, Omega likewise provides timing and data processing services. Excluding these two young Olympic Committee, the brand has been successively 25 times when the appointed time on the role of the Olympic, professional timekeeping role no doubt.

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